Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is vital for ensuring safety, quality and integrity of critical aerospace components, assemblies and structures during manufacturing and overhaul, maintenance inspections of aircrafts. Nondestructive testing using penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, Ultrasonic inspection, Radiographic testing, X-ray inspection, Visual and Boroscopic inspection of aerospace components and structures is carried out during various stages of manufacturing and maintenance (overhaul) inspections based on criticality of the components and specific aircraft structural quality requirements.

ISO 9001:2008 certified company in India. Aerospace NDT testing facility is first of its kind in India equipped with modern custom designed equipments and facilities that meets international aerospace standards and specifications.

Over a decade, the facility is serving for inspecting large number of aerospace components for various aircraft applications and OEMs, applying established and approved procedures. The company adheres to strict quality control in all NDT inspection practices as per ASTM, NAS, other International Aerospace Standards and client specific NDT procedures to achieve optimum test results using ultramodern and well equipped state of art Aerospace NDT facility at Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore in India.

Aerospace NDT:
  1. Aerospace Liquid Penetrant testing inspection facility using Fluorescent, solvent removable, Water washable, Post Emulsifiable penetrant combinations with both high and ultra-high sensitivities that meets International standards and customer specifications.
  2. Calibrated and fully automatic Magnetic particle testing machines with headshot, coil, central conductor techniques. AC, HWDC and DC up to 6000A capacity modern MPI equipments and portable MPI machines for inspecting aerospace components as per ASTM E 1444 and other national and international aerospace standards.
  3. Ultrasonic testing laboratory for aerospace components, structures inspection equipped with digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, transducers, calibration blocks, reference standards and accessories.
  4. Radiography testing of casting and welds using Gamma ray and X-rays sources.
  5. ASNT SNT TC 1A, NAS 410 Level I & II certified professionals for performing all NDT inspections.
  6. In house ASNT NDT Level III experts in Ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, eddy current testing, radiography testing and visual inspection for consulting and coordinating all Aerospace NDT activities.
  7. Expert NDT Level III Consultation on establishment of NDT procedures and development of procedures for various aerospace components and applications.

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